Integrated Campaigns

Measles campaigns typically reach over 90 percent of all children, with much more than vaccine.

A measles campaign provides an opportunity to deliver other health services chosen by the Ministry of Health, based on country needs.

In 2014 alone, more than 221 million children received measles vaccination during campaigns in 28 countries. Of these, 23 countries combined at least one other beneficial child health intervention into measles or measles-rubella vaccine campaigns including vitamin A and deworming medication. 14 countries included oral polio vaccination, contributing to the global effort to eradicate polio.

Between 2001 and 2014, the Measles Initiative and its partners have supported the distribution of more than:

  • 41 million insecticide-treated bed nets for malaria prevention
  • 289 million doses of vitamin A
  • 207 million doses of polio vaccine
  • 144 million de-worming tablets

By offering multiple health care interventions, the Measles & Rubella Initiative increases community participation, is cost effective and addresses a variety of health problems.

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