Founded originally as the Measles Initiative in 2001, it changed its name to the M&RI. The initiative is led by the American Red Cross, the United Nations Foundation, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, UNICEF and the World Health Organization.

Measles is one of the leading killers of children worldwide. An estimatedThe Problem

Measles is one of the leading killers of children worldwide. An estimated 400 people die each day from the disease.

thumb-the-solutionThe Solution

Measles and rubella are easily preventable with a safe and effective vaccine. It only costs about $1 to vaccinate a child.

The Measles & Rubella Initiative goal is to reduce measles deaths worldwideThe Impact

As a result of an increased number of children vaccinated, measles deaths fell by 75 percent between 2000-2013.

The Measles & Rubella Initiative goal, which is part of the Global Vaccine Action Plan, is to reduce measles deaths worldwide by 95 percent by 2015 and eliminate measles and rubella in at least five of the six World Health Organization regions by 2020.

Since 2001, the M&RI has supported 88 countries to deliver more than 1.8 billion doses of measles vaccine, helped to raise measles vaccination coverage to 84% globally, and reduced measles deaths by 75%. These efforts have contributed significantly to reducing child mortality as per Millennium Development Goal 4.