This page contains links to relevant WHO position papers, the current and previous global and regional Strategic Plans for measles, rubella and immunization and SAGE reports.

Position Papers

WHO Position Paper on Measles Vaccine
WHO/UNICEF Joint Statement on Strategies to Reduce Measles Mortality
WHO/UNICEF Joint Statement on Reducing Measles Mortality in Emergencies
WHO Position Paper on Rubella Vaccine

Click here for all WHO position papers on measles and rubella.

Measles and rubella Strategic Plans – newest

Measles & Rubella Initiative: Findings of an External Review
Global Measles and Rubella Strategic Plan 2012-2020

Global immunization plans

Global Vaccine Action Plan (link to WHO website)

Global Immunization Vision and Strategy, 2006-2015
Global Framework for Immunization Monitoring and Surveillance

Immunization Strategic Advisory Group of Experts

Click here for all Reports of the Meetings of the Immunization Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) which includes conclusions and recommendations.